Another American anniversary in July

US independence day always reminds me of the American military blasting Iranian civilian flight 655 out of the sky killing everyone aboard, 290 innocent people. The responsible American warship was in Iranian waters, and the US tried to cover up details of the shoot down for years.

July 3 (1988) is the actual anniversary, so I may be somewhat tardy in posting this by a few hours.

However, with Trump’s Washington daily hiking tensions toward the Islamic Republic of Iran, it’s critical that everyone remember the long deep history of US political & military atrocities on Iran, like the murder of the innocent children, women and men on Iranian Airlines Flight 655.

You cannot honestly celebrate America today without also remembering the too many lives, past & present, the US has taken from this earth.

With that in mind, I honor the dead of Flight 655 on American Independence Day and ask the forgiveness of the people of Iran on the anniversary of that terrible day.­/