Latest Campaign Support

“I have known Lawrence J. Maushard since we were in high school together at Spalding Institute in the 1970’s. We have known each other for forty years and I am proud to call him my friend.

Lawrence has always been passionate and outspoken, especially when it comes to the downtrodden and less-fortunate. He has never hesitated to take to the front lines when it comes to supporting the causes he believes in.

He is intelligent and knows what he is talking about because he does the homework before coming to an opinion.

Peoria would be lucky to have someone as responsible and thoughtful as Lawrence in their city government. I encourage everyone to support his candidacy.”

STEVEN SVYMBERSKY, Brooklyn, NY. 11211
Quimby’s NYC, Brooklyn. founder & manager
Quimby Comix, Chicago. founder
Quimby Magazine, Boston. founder & editor.

Maushard, left, & Svymbersky at '78 Academy of Our Lady/Spalding Institute 40th anniversary, August 2018 at Crusen's.