Stopping Misogynists 101

Misogyny is shot through the white American male population. I see it, you see it, every day.

Another horrific aspect of US society is the degree of cowardice among most people.

Hardly anyone, women & men alike, have the guts to look these women-hating bastards in the eye when the situation demands it.

When was the last time you did anything, or saw someone do so?

Most of these bad guys will back down when confronted.

Sometimes they don’t. But that shouldn’t matter.

If I see someone threatened, all disgust & venom on me if I do not act.

So many of these badboy misogynst sadistic fucks can be easily stopped & removed from the general populace.

But my ever-detestable Americans, both women & men, have largely allowed this human garbage to skate through life.

Did my parent’s generation do the same, or is most of today’s violence on women basically a product of Weinstein movies, Grand Theft Auto, and mechanized porn? No joking around.

Not only that, far too many Americans in fact sustain and even celebrate their aggression as something to emulate.

The stereotypical WWE male Type A hyper-aggressive, pro-military super-competitive, fascist ethos is enthusiastically wined and dined in America, with no thought given to how that maniacal mindset plays out in male/female relationships.

A significant portion of America absolutely creates and fosters misogynist assault-driven rapists and mass murderers as blood angry appendages of my sick, twisted nation.

My question: is this a uniquely American problem or more widespread?

And if it is worldwide, is that because of America’s recent cultural dominance?

In these times, it’s critical we talk through these issues which affect everyone everywhere.

Again, I believe a reason for so much violence on women is the result of moral and physical cowardice on the part of people in a position to make a difference but who refuse to act. []